Gluten-free is more than a diet it's a Lifestyle!

Gluten-free LIFESTYLE                                                                                                               2008     All rights reserved.
Gluten-free LIFESTYLE
Distilled alcohol
beverages are
considered to be
gluten-free but still can
wheat.The whole thing
can be confusing.
  • Amaretto Disaronno Originale Amaretto, Hiram Walker
  • Anisette Hiram Walker
  • *Bacardi Silver products NOT gluten-free
  • Beer Bard's, Brunehaut  (White Beer Organic, Blonde Organic, Amber Organic and Triple
    Organic), DAURA DAMM,  Dogfish Head Tweason'ale, Glutaner (Mongozo BV) Glutenberg (Blonde,
    American Pale Ale, Red, India Pale Ale), Green's (Amber, Blonde, Dubbel Dark, Golden Ale, Pilsner),
    Honey Beer (Ramapo Valley Brewery), La Messagère & Messagere Red Ale (Canada), Mbege
    (Sprecher Brewery), New Grist, New Planet (Blonde, Belgian, Raspberry, Amber, Pale), O’Brien
    Premium Lager - Pale Ale & Brown Ale (O'Brien Brewing, Australia), Omission - Lager, Pale Ale, IPA
    (Widmer Brothers Brewing), Prairie Path Golden Ale (Two Brothers Brewing Company), Redbridge
    (ANHEUSER-BUSCH), Schlafly Gluten-free Ale, Shakparo Ale (Sprecher Brewery)
  • Blue Curacao  Hiram Walker
  • Brandy   Hiram Walker
  • Cafe Aztec  Hiram Walker
  • Champagne, Wine, and Sparkling Wines
  • Ciders Michelob ULTRA Light Cider, HORNSBY'S Hard Ciders, WOODCHUCK Draft Ciders
  • Cognac  Martell (email 8/22/08)
  • Cointreau
  • Diageo  "Diageo products, which have been distilled, do not contain glutens or gluten residues,
    Captain Morgan Rums are gluten free but not the Flavored Malt Beverages..." (email 01/28//09)
  • Dr. McGillicuddy  "the alcohol is sourced from corn products" -"We do not knowingly add any
    gluten-containing products, but can not certify that they are gluten free." (01/30/09)
  • E. & J. Gallo Winery  U.S. products are all gluten-free (email 12/2/11)
  • Gin - Beefeater Gin (gluten-free but made from wheat, email 8/11/08) Azzurre Gin (3/19/18)
  • Grand Marnier
  • HARD SELTZER  WHITE CLAW, TRULY, SMIRNOFFSpiked Seltzer (crafted to remove gluten)
  • Hiram Walker no gluten present in Hiram Walker products (website FAQ 1/26/09)
  • HORNSBY'S Hard Cider all gluten-free (email 12/2/11)
  • Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Whiskey (website 7/26/17)
  • Jägermeister  "On basis of current analyses Jägermeister can be considered free from gluten,
    starch and lactose." (email 12/15/09)
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey (website 7/26/17)
  • Johnny Walker (Red, Blue, Black and Green Label) (website 7/26/17)
  • Kahlua
  • Kirschwasser  Hiram Walker
  • Mike's Hard Lemonade "All mike's products in the United States, including mike's LITE hard
    lemonade and mike's Hard Smashed Apple Ale, Handcrafted to Remove Gluten
  • Rum  "BACARDI 8, Superior, Gold, Select, 151 and our flavored rums do not contain gluten"
  • (email 8/17/12) (*Bacardi Silver products NOT gluten-free),
  • Cacique Rum, Captain Morgan, Havana Club all varieties (email 1/14/10), Malibu Rum (email
    8/31/10), Pyrat Rum XO Reserve (email 9/26/11), Xi Acai "...Gluten Free" (email 6/09/13)
  • Sambuca  Hiram Walker
  • Schnapps  all Hiram Walker
  • Scotch
  • Sparkling Wine
  • SpikedSeltzer {CT, NY, FL} NEW...crisp lime taste, 6% alcohol {email 11/07/13}
  • Tequila  Cabo Wabo, Cazadores Reposado, Jose Cuervo Tequila (all are gluten-free along with
    Authentic Cuervo Margaritas, Margarita Minis, and Golden Margaritas) , Patron (Silver, Reposado,
    Anejo, Gran Patron Platinum, Gran Patron Burdeos, Citronge, XO Café (email 9/26/11), Sauza
    Tequilas (email 6/9/08), Any 100% Agave, Including White Tequila by Albertson's, Acme, Jewel,
    Equaline Good Day Labels (mail 5/21/08)   *Don Julio products are NOT gluten-free - email 6/04/12
  • Triple Sec  Hiram Walker
  • Vermouth
  • Vodka  Azzurre (yellow apples, wine grapes, sugar cane), Bombora (grapes), Bushman's, Chopin,
    Ciroc (grapes), CooranBong (Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot grapes), Deep Eddy (all gluten-free,
    website 7/26/17) Enchanted Rock Texas Vodka (100% Corn Based, gluten-free, 3/19/18) Hampton's,
    Kamchatka,Kapoya Sugarcane Vodka,  Ketel One (gluten-free but is made from 100% wheat),
    Luksusowa, Monopolowa, Pinnacle (all are gluten-free, website faq 8/6/12), Popov Citrus & Popov
    Tangerine, Rain Organics (100% organic white corn), Reisk, Smirnoff (corn), Smirnoff Citrus Twist,
    Spud (potato), Teton Glacier, Tito's (100% corn, "gluten-free" on bottle), UV (corn), Zim's 81, Zim's
    59 -potato), Zodiac                         
  • *Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose, Belvedere, SKYY, and Svedka are NOT gluten-free
  • Wine  all except wine coolers made with malt
  • WOODCHUCK Draft Ciders  all varieties